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Consumers no longer see the distinction between online and offline shopping, and the buyer’s journey has gone beyond the store experience of selling products at a competitive price. Now, retail is about delivering a seamless user experience at each interaction and converting relationships into sales.

Retail businesses can use the transformative power of SAP Business One to keep up with this rapidly evolving environment.

Features for the Retail Industry

Attract and engage

Attract, engage, and convert customers with a personalized shopping experience.


Automate merchandise planning, forecasting, replenishment, and optimization.


Streamline your omnichannel supply chain for greater efficiency


Optimize inventory management, so you know what your customers need when they need it.

Stay connected

Stay connected to your store system and process transactions anywhere, anytime.

SAP Business One

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Learn how an integrated retail ERP solution improves customer connections, drives sales, and fosters growth in a technology-driven retail landscape.

SAP Business One for Retail


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“The more integrations we do, the more we can focus on customers and automate the things that are processed.”

Jon Doerr, technical and automation projects manager at La Marzocco USA

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