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Growing automotive manufacturers want solutions that will help them meet industry standards, adhere to strict compliance and auditing guidelines, and optimize their supply chain management. SAP Business One is the comprehensive business management software they need. 

SAP Features for the Automotive Industry

Supply chain management

Clearly model your supply chain from supplier to customer based on delivery forecasts, MRP II, production, and more. 

EDI compliance

Easily comply with EDI standards VDA, Odette, EDIFACT, and ANSI X12.

ISO compliance

Improve quality control across the supply chain and enhance engineering change controls.

Easy integration with subsystems

Integrate with CAD and PLM machines and devices, nesting solutions, and more.


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SAP Business One

Benefits for the automotive industry:

  1. Improved supply chain management with a comprehensive system handling production, sales, shipping, purchasing, goods receipt, and communication management 
  2. A single, centralized solution for all your manufacturing applications
  3. A 360-degree view of your manufacturing company with analytics to monitor continuous improvement
  4. Streamlined business processes to suit market needs as your company grows
  5. Improved integration to ensure your manufacturing company uses time and resources effectively and efficiently


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