Companies in the aerospace and defense industries must adhere to strict compliance guidelines and industry standards. SAP Business One securely, transparently, and traceably models production and supply chain management (SCM) processes so you can adapt to ever-changing industry requirements.

Features of SAP for the Aerospace & Defense Industry:

ISO compliance

Improve quality control across the supply chain and effectively manage engineering change controls.

Project cockpit for all types of projects

Effectively manage everything from engineering, prototyping, production, customer acceptance, budget, and cost controlling.

Advanced planning and scheduling

Optimize capacity and productivity for group, individual, and alternative resources (machinery, tools, personal, and more).

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"With SAP Business One an order is made through our website and we've achieved order turnaround in about 14 minutes; that’s real value for our customers."
Mark Smith, Co-founder and President, Envelopments
"Our customers are better taken care of and we can see all aspects of our business from one software package. That's invaluable in a small business."

Mark Yager, General Manager, Sigma Safety

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"Using SAP Business One, we're now able to promptly get information to our customers that we weren’t able to get before, creating customer loyalty."
Ted Wiebe, Controller, GFR Pharma Ltd.

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