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  • Legacy business management solution unable to provide autonomy to regional operations.
  • Disparate systems resulted in data silos that hindered operational visibility.
  • Uploading new suppliers and products into database took weeks of labor.

Why SAP Business One

  • Highly configurable solution that adapts to company processes.
  • Scalable enterprise resource planning solution for today and tomorrow.
  • Local partner, Vision33, offers personal approach to customer relationships for greater ERP support services.


  • Improved forecasting capabilities address customer demands.
  • Real-time reporting for greater financial controls, invoices, and inventory.
  • Process automation increases efficiency throughout company.

SAP Business One is the backbone to our business. Invaluable insights have given us better control of revenue and expenditure all from a click of a few buttons.

Shirish Tiwari, Chief Information Officer - Grainger Zoro

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