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  • Existing accounting software was outdated and inadequate 
  • Lack of control in the sales order process 
  • Lack of order and automation across business departments 

Why SAP Business One

  • Versatility to modify the system 
  • Flexibility to allow customizations to suit the company’s needs 
  • Add-on solutions to enable new capabilities  


  • Order and compliance in the sales order process 
  • Routine inventory auto checks 
  • No more credit-related issues and pursuing customers for payment 
  • Automated the selection of optimal shipping choices  
  • mmediate ROI from print delivery function, with a savings of more than $60,000 in USPS costs  
  • Full redundancy in the cloud allows the company to back up its physical presence and replicate its data continuously and in real-time  

We loved the small add-ons and what we could do ourselves. We do a lot of our own queries

Anthony Flores, Operations Manager - Compliance Poster Company

 Success Story
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