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Inventory fulfillment isn’t easy. Neither is running a warehouse, or multiple distribution centers. We get it. We’ve worked with a lot of businesses like yours to help them find the right technology that streamlines processes, eliminates manual tasks and makes inventory fulfillment easier. You might be thinking – how can I possibly fix these problems? Don’t stress - it doesn’t have to be big changes all at once. 

Take a look. These are some of the most common inventory fulfillment challenges we’ve come across:

  • A more complex supply chain
  • Customers wanting everything cheap and wanting it yesterday
  • Errors from manual data entry and inventory picking
  • Perishable inventory that can’t stay on the shelves for too long
  • The ability to trace inventory if there is a recall
  • Competition with those e-commerce giants
  • Warehouses that are now too small
  • The need for more vehicles or property, but a lack of funds to buy it
  • Moving inventory between locations 
  • A sales team that doesn’t know what you have in stock 
  • Delayed ordering of re-stock
  • A lack of lot number control for meeting government standards 

inventory fulfillment center


runner - inventory fulfillment

Small Changes, Big Impact: Steps to Automation & Integration

You’ve probably heard the term digital transformation - but you might be wondering what it means, and even more so, what does it mean for your business. Think about it like this: You are likely overwhelmed with decisions more than ever - and looking at new ways to do business to bounce back from a changing world. That can seem like too big an obstacle to take on – but it doesn't have to be that way. 

Many of our clients have started with just one single step – making the dive into digital transformation a little less complicated. They didn't try to solve all their problems in a day. They just took one step forward asking themselves - what can I automate or integrate to make this one business area run better? Making even one small change to your technology can have a big impact in your business. For example, digital transformation could mean a solution to automate your invoicing process. Or maybe a solution to help integrate your CRM system to your business management solution. It’s simply embracing technology to help run your business better.


digital transformation ebookDigital Transformation eBook

Get our free Understanding Digital Transformation eBook to learn how technology can enable new ways to do business, build resiliency, and help you operate more efficiently.

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inventory workflow processes and inventory management webinar

Transforming Inventory Management Webinar Recording

See how you can become more flexible and efficient while providing world-class customer service. Grab a cup of coffee and settle in for this eye-opening webinar.

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Explore Our Blog

Take a Look at Our Inventory Fulfillment Blog Posts

Check out these brief, informative posts about inventory fulfillment challenges and how to over them. You’ll find lots of free resources, too.

inventory fulfillment and warehouse management

Transforming Inventory Management: Get Your Warehouse in Order

Your business needs access to standardized information about your inventory to track your products throughout the supply chain and provide traceability.

Check out this blog to learn more about software add-ons to manage your inventory and warehouse, and tune into a webinar about transforming inventory management.

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why lot number control and inventory counting is important

Why Is Inventory Counting Important?

As the complexity of your business increases, so too does the volume of inventory. 

Read this blog to learn about a solution that enables businesses to check the accuracy of your stock. You’ll also be able to access a free info kit.

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distribution ERP software for inventory fulfillment

What Is Distribution ERP Software and Why Do You Need It?

If your business is growing but you’re using small business accounting software and stand-alone inventory management applications, you may have hit a wall with what those systems can do for you.

Take a look at this blog that defines enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and how it can help you.

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warehouse worker coordinating 3PL and fulfillment by Amazon

The Importance of Inventory Valuation in Distribution

Your inventory is probably your most important asset. 

Check out this blog to learn why inventory valuation is a vital part of meaningful financial statements and strategic decision-making.

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Success Stories

See How Businesses Like Yours Handle Inventory Fulfillment

Check out these success stories of companies that were able to tackle their challenges and business pains head on with the right solution. 

Fruit Company customer success story for inventory workflow processes

The Fruit Company

Because the Fruit Company is dealing with the freshest of inventory, they need to keep a super-sharp eye on it at all times.

Watch this short video to learn how The Fruit Company is easily keeping track of the products they need to ship.

Watch the video

Superior Auto Extras customer success story for inventory fulfillment

Superior Auto Extras

Superior Auto Extras is a wholesale distributor of lobby merchandise for the car wash industry. With two distribution centers, Superior Auto Extras the company has a lot of inventory (think tree-shaped air fresheners!) to keep track of and ship.

Buckle up for this quick video that explains how an inventory management tool allows Superior Auto Extras to easily track orders from the moment they come into when they go out the door.

Watch the video

Vietri customer success - digital transformation


With a significant volume of inventory on hand, VIETRI needed a modern technology solution to support its growth.

Read this success story to learn how the right solution gives VIETRI real-time information and reports, enabling total visibility throughout the supply chain.

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Staub Electronics customer success story - wireless warehouse management system

Staub Electronics

Established in 1981, Staub Electronics is one of Canada’s premier distributors of consumer electronics.

Plug into this success story to see how they’re using a wireless warehouse management system that provides bin locations and detailed functionality with wireless terminals and portable label printers.

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Additional Resources

Check Out Some Additional Resources

Here are even more resources about inventory management and fulfillment that you can check out. If you have any questions or would like to chat about any of these BOM resources, please feel free to drop us a line or Live Chat with one our Consultants to get your questions answered.

Warehouse team working on inventory fulfillment, lot number control and inventory workflow processesWarehouse Management 4.0 Guide

Today’s consumers want more choices, fast shipping, and low prices. And your head is probably spinning with inventory picking, order fulfillment, and getting your merchandise out the door.

It’s possible, though, to better run your warehouse, keep your customers happy and make a nice profit. Give our free Warehouse Management 4.0 Guide a read.

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Saltbox Graphic - integration platform as a service

Saltbox Demo

Your business relies on a lot of applications to stay organized, collaborate with your team, and run your operations. If those stand-alone applications and systems can’t talk to each other, you’re wasting time and money.

Learn about the Saltbox Platform, Vision33’s very own born-in-the-cloud Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) solution. Simply put, the Saltbox Platform can connect just about anything. 

See the Saltbox Platform in action and understand how you can do more with what you already have.

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