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The mechanical engineering industry is experiencing growth every year across the globe. Service providers in the machinery and components sector must take into account a variety of industry specific standards. In order to comply with safety standards, mechanical components must be able to withstand strain and pressure vessels. Companies must also be able to consistently and efficiently produce quality products that meet the needs of their own customers. SAP Business One, a flexible manufacturing management system, can help companies in this industry save on production and supply chain management costs.

Features for the Machinery & Components Industry:

Project cockpit for all types of projects

Effectively manage everything from engineering, prototyping, production, customer acceptance, budget and cost controlling

Overlapping Processes

Combine a growing Bill of Materials, scheduling, procurement, production and delivery processes

ISO Compliance

Improve quality control across the supply chain and effectively manage engineering change controls

Easy Integration with Subsystems

Integrate with CAD and PLM machines and devices, nesting solutions, and more

Watch the Manufacturing ERP Success Story

Benefits for the Machinery & Components Industry:

  1. Grow fast with a flexible solution with innovation management
  2. Optimize production processes
  3. Get a full, 360-degree view of your manufacturing company with analytics to monitor continuous improvement
  4. Streamline business processes to suit market needs as your company grows
  5. Improve integration to ensure that your manufacturing company is effective and efficient with your time and resources

    SAP Business One ERP Software for Industrial Machinery Components Manufacturing

    For everything SAP Business One can do for your company, visit the SAP Business One information page.