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Connect SAP Business One with SPS Commerce.

SPS Commerce Cloud EDI


SPS Commerce Fulfillment for SAP Business One is a full-service electronic data interchange (EDI) solution that provides everything you need to connect your trading partners to your SAP Business One system.

We deliver proven technology and a team of dedicated experts to manage the EDI process. Our support extends from the initial implementation to managing your ongoing, day-to-day operations.



Features & Benefits


Experience the Full-Service Difference

SPS provides cutting-edge technology and expert support to optimize your SAP Business One EDI solution.

  • Utilize industry-leading technology for robust EDI capabilities
  • Implement a proven process for seamless partner connectivity
  • Offer expert implementation and ongoing optimization service
SPS Commerce Supports Any Business Document and Any Trading Partner
End-to-End Integration with SAP Business One


End-to-End Integration for SAP Business One

SPS Commerce Fulfillment for SAP Business One integrates smoothly with the SAP Business One system and adapts to support diverse business processes.

  • Seamlessly integrates with SAP Business One to ensure operational efficiency
  • Flexibly supports various business processes tailored to individual needs
  • Enhances system versatility without compromising functionality

Go Digital

Easily Replace Manual Processes

Automate your EDI processes with SAP Business One to eliminate manual order entry, allowing seamless communication with customers and vendors while freeing up time for core business activities.

  • Automate EDI processes to eliminate manual order entry tasks
  • Facilitate seamless communication between SAP Business One, customers, and vendors
  • Focus on critical business activities by reducing administrative burdens
Easily Replace Manual Processes
SPS Commerce supports any business document and any trading partner


Gain Access to the World’s Retail Network

Connecting once with SPS grants instant access to a vast network encompassing leading retailers, vendors, grocers, distributors, 3PLs, manufacturers, and more.

  • Instantly access thousands of prominent retailers, vendors, and distributors
  • Gain connectivity with grocers, manufacturers, and third-party logistics providers
  • Expand business opportunities through a diverse network of industry leaders


Wondering How SPS Compares to Other SAP Business One EDI Providers?

Other SAP Business One EDI providers offer managed EDI, which leaves you responsible for technology and customer onboarding. SPS’s full-service EDI combines cloud-based technology with expert support, giving you more time for other priorities.

  • Avoid the complications and costs of managing your technology and customer onboarding
  • Work with a staff of experts who help you optimize, customize, and maintain the technology
  • Get time back in your day
7 Components of Full-Service EDI

EDI experts

7 Components of Full-Service EDI

At SPS, our dedicated EDI experts handle all seven components of full-service EDI, allowing you to concentrate on expanding your business.

  • Expert support covers all aspects of full-service EDI
  • Enables businesses to focus on growth and strategic initiatives
  • Ensures comprehensive management and optimization of EDI processes

Let's Meet Your Challenge Together

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Awards & Recognition

Inc5000 Award Bob Scotts Top 100 Award SAP Partner Excellence Award Platinum Club Sage Award G2 Badge SAP Pinnacle Award VAR 100 Award