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Enterprise Resource Planning Software for Small and Midsized Food and Beverage Businesses

Your food and beverage business must offer great products and deliver them on time while navigating a complex global supply chain, complying with strict regulations, and keeping pace with competitors.

SAP Business One is an all-in-one enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that empowers you to harness accurate, up-to-the-second information, manage end-to-end operations, and perform core food and beverage functions, including:

  • Inventory and supply chain management
  • Quality control
  • Process automation
  • Ingredient tracking
  • Cross-functional reporting
  • Batch control/traceability for regulatory compliance

SAP Business One for Business Management Software for Food and Beverage

With over 60,000 small and midsized business customers and one million users, SAP Business One is the preferred ERP solution for successful food and beverage businesses.

Food and Beverage Challenges

The food and beverage industry faces three unique challenges:

  1. Food recalls
  2. Food fraud
  3. Food safety

Food Recalls

Recalls dramatically affect food and beverage companies. You can’t halt operations to focus on handling a recall—you must simultaneously continue normal operations.

Software like SAP Business One helps you avoid recalls, but if one happens, SAP Business One makes it easier to handle because you can:

  • Track your products as they leave your warehouses and enter a complex, global supply chain
  • Automate and streamline collaboration with thousands of stakeholders
  • Respond quickly to industry regulation changes
  • Share your non-standardized data with supply chain vendors

Understanding how business technology optimizes food traceability and inventory control is the first step in reducing risk.

Food Fraud

As consumers demand to know more about your products (e.g., country of origin, sustainability, and organic status) and pay more for organic, “ethically obtained,” or “farm-to-fork” options, food fraud like contamination and mislabeling is common.

Your customers rely on you to protect them from risk, including food fraud. This requires deep insight into your supply chain, which SAP Business One enables with strong batch and lot traceability features that help you avoid the damage caused by dishonest suppliers or those who unknowingly pass on fraudulent products.

With electronic, on-demand traceability, a product’s organic status is captured at the point of purchase and recorded against a specific batch/lot as part of the quality assurance process. This information is available throughout the logistics flow in the warehouse and used as selection criteria for choosing the correct product to meet customer requirements.

Food Safety

Ultimately, your food and beverage business carries the burden of implementing traceability technology—you can’t rely on the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to catch every instance of contamination during food inspections.

SAP Business One provides full visibility into the supply chain so you can mitigate risk during the next foodborne illness outbreak or lapse in government agency inspections.


Benefits for Food & Beverage

With SAP Business One, your food and beverage business can:

Adapt faster. Adapt to changing market demands around traceability and transparency, regulatory compliance, and risk. Reports that took months to complete are now available in minutes.

Continuously improve. Track and respond to KPIs comprised of accurate, real-time data.

Reduce inventory. Use improved insights to gain inventory efficiency and reduce ingredient and product spoilage/expiration.

Streamline operations. Accelerate order flow and shipping times.

Increase customer satisfaction. Reduce stockouts while cutting wasted expenses to keep prices low for customers.

Maximize profits. Differentiate your business from competitors and boost revenue and margins by optimizing service.

Readiness is critical for success in the food and beverage industry. SAP Business One helps by centralizing data from quality management systems and other one-off production systems, integrating online ordering and shipping systems, driving route management and delivery, and streamlining EDI and 3PL processes.


SAP Business One is easily customized to fit your company- and industry-specific requirements and:

  • Comply with strict industry standards and GMP guidelines, including FDA, EMA, BRC, IFRA, and GHS
  • Calculate costs with flexible, multilevel margin calculations per article, production order, and batch
  • Eliminate waste and minimize delays with advanced quality controls on raw materials and components
  • Improve planning, communication, and responsiveness with advanced scheduling and production controls
  • Make faster, more informed decisions with real-time reporting, dashboards, and alerts
  • Easily integrate with subsystems like SCADA and LIMS



SAP Business One incorporates a wealth of features that will drive efficiency and position your company for profitable growth, including:

fork and knive PTI-compliant labels and GS1 barcoding

Create labels that comply with strict industry standards, including the Produce Traceability Initiative and Food Safety Modernization Act. Easily apply GS1 labels to properly identify your produce and provide full traceability from farm to fork.

fork and knive

 Automated processes & workflows

Streamline business operations and manage your supply chain efficiently.

fork and knive Capture batch attributes 

Manage and track variations related to individual batches of product. Use batch attributes such as country of origin, harvesting dates, and quality class to record detailed information at every step of the supply chain.

fork and knive

 Batch control and traceability 

Comply with strict industry standards.

fork and knive

 Mock recalls

Practice your recall procedures and test your company’s responsiveness so your employees can respond to emergencies quickly and effectively.

fork and knive

 Quality controls 

Plan and execute quality tests from raw materials to product packaging. Prevent problems by setting alerts to notify executives of deviations to ensure your customers get the best produce.

fork and knive

 Production management

Improve end-to-end operational efficiency.

fork and knive

 Inventory management

Track byproducts, coproducts, yield, wastage, expiry dates, FIFO, and FEFO. Reduce waste without losing sales from out-of-stock produce inventory.

fork and knive

 Warehouse management 

Track warehouse movements forward, backward, and on demand. Reduce produce losses by distributing the products with the shortest shelf life first.

fork and knive

 Real-time, cross-functional reporting

Use accurate data to make faster, more informed decisions. Get answers in minutes, not hours. Gain a complete understanding of order statuses and produce history to ensure customer satisfaction.

fork and knive

 Leverage catch-weight management

Save time by using a system that supports dual units of measure, quantity, and weight registration during goods receipt, inventory moves, and picking.

Deployment Options

How you deploy your ERP solution is as important as the software’s features and functions. SAP Business One offers cloud, on-premises, and hybrid deployment options.

Not sure which is right for you? Our cloud information kit is a great starting point to help you decide if the cloud is right for your food and beverage business.


Saltbox is a cloud-native, low-code integration platform as a service (iPaaS) solution that empowers small and midsized companies to integrate disconnected business systems like ERP, CRM, and eCommerce.

By eliminating data silos and automating manual processes, Saltbox unlocks new levels of operational efficiency and cost savings.

Learn more about Saltbox here.

Vision33’s ERP Services

With over 400 employees throughout North America and Europe, the Vision33 team has unmatched experience delivering solutions and services to the food and beverage industry. Our Global Services group routinely helps small and midsized businesses (SMBs) expand into new geographies, making us the ideal implementation partner for growing companies. 

Post-implementation, Vision33 continues to deliver value through our industry-leading support program, TOTAL Care, and ongoing ideation and implementation services from our world-class consulting team. The team helps customers continuously innovate using the best industry-specific add-ons and integrations to support new business initiatives and evolving market demands.

Success Stories

Companies like Community Foods experience the same issues as you: multiple disconnected systems, no visibility, and a lack of real-time information for decision-making. Operating a food and beverage business with these challenges stunts growth and prevents success. These companies recognized the need for an all-in-one solution to manage their operations and chose SAP Business One.

“SAP Business One is a tool for decision-making. It’s knowledge in one source and one database. It will be what sets us apart from our competition.”

Rafael Benavides, project manager at Intermex Foods

Get Started

You can browse our other success stories to see what our customers say about how SAP Business One helps them run simple, grow fast, and drive profit.

Then, let’s discuss your food and beverage business’s growth challenges and how SAP Business One will help you reach the next milestone in your mission. Vision33 provides the right balance of software and consulting to maximize food and beverage businesses’ investment in transformative enterprise technologies.

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