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  • Lack of bidirectional integration between SAP Business One and ShipStation 
  • Initial integration solution didn’t have workflow capabilities 
  • Failed transactions and errors were jeopardizing eCommerce business 

Why Vision33 Saltbox

  • Connects transactional data between critical business systems 
  • Automates bidirectional information-sharing and workflows between SAP Business One and ShipStation 
  • Integration and workflow construction enable intelligent human intervention and input, approvals, and exception handling  
  • Vision33, the largest SAP Business One partner worldwide, developed The Saltbox Platform 


  • One integration serves Amazon’s direct fulfillment program 
  • Another integration fulfills wholesale orders from several marketplaces 
  • Four Saltbox workflows handle all SAP Business One-ShipStation connections 
  • Failed transactions were eliminated 
  • Saltbox can revamp the company’s entire technology stack and connect any software and marketplace 

Saltbox is elegant in its simplicity, which is why it works so well

Jake Miller, Operations Manager - We Sell Mats

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