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  • No seamless connection between Salesforce CRM, Zendesk, and SAP Business One 
  • Sales professionals had difficulty seeing what was happening in customer accounts  
  • Manual processes were slowing down the team  

Why Vision33 Saltbox

  • Includes a pre-built SAP Business One-Salesforce integration  
  • Provides Salesforce-Zendesk integration  
  • Allows Swagelok to keep its best-of-breed apps without buying more ERP licenses
  • Implements rapidly  
  • Makes working from home easy  
  • Offers payment functionality and direct customer access to a new online learning environment  


  • Changes in SAP Business One appear in Salesforce in real-time  
  • Streamlined quoting and customer support  
  • Quotes are more responsive to customer needs  
  • Higher sales rates and shortened sales cycles

We were elated to find we could use Saltbox to integrate Business One and Salesforce. It meant we could keep our best-of-breed apps without having to buy more ERP licenses.

Ekard Messmer, Director Custom Solutions & Operations - Swagelok Stuttgart

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