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  • Previous business processes could not keep up with revenue growth
  • Lack of integration capabilities with proprietary workflow systems
  • Slow transaction processes
  • Limited reporting

Why SAP Business One

  • SAP Business One allows Richardson Caps to streamline business processes
  • Scalable solution that makes it easier to keep up with revenue growth
  • Flexible system that allows them to adapt to an ever-changing market


  • Reporting features allow them to offer the right product, at the right place, at the right time
  • They are now better able to handle their 1,000+ invoices to customers per day
  • Easier to meet the company’s high quality manufacturing standards
  • Improved customer service with detailed reports in a variety of different file formats for customers

SAP Business One has given us the opportunity to have a system that’s stable, flexible, and scalable. We are confident that it can grow as we grow

Corby Braunger, Supply Chain Manager - Richardson Caps

 Success Story
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