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  • No seamless connection between WooCommerce site and SAP Business One   
  • Manually entering order information was a full-time job 
  • Lack of automated data flows  

Why SAP Business One and Vision33 Saltbox

  • Proven, secure, and flexible connections between WooCommerce and SAP Business One 
  • Full integration in less than two months   
  • User friendly 
  • Easy to leverage to meet unexpected needs 


  • Automated and streamlined the entire eCommerce business 
  • Allows employees to dedicate more time to customer service 
  • Improved inventory and supply chain management  
  • Offers additional integrations with ShipStation for order fulfillment and Salesforce CRM for customer insights and market trends 

The more integrations we do, the more we can focus on customers and automate the things that are processed.

Jon Doerr, Technical and Automation Projects Manager - La Marzocco USA

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