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  • Existing accounting software could no longer meet the needs of the company and the expanded product lines.
  • Lack of scalable systems and processes to handle a high volume of orders.
  • Limited ability to control regional warehouses from a centralized location.

Why SAP Business One

  • Scalable ERP solution supports continued business growth.
  • Secure, reliable and centralized solution that allows employees to access data anytime and anywhere.
  • Hassle-free system that requires no traditional IT infrastructure in each warehouse.


  • Provides full visibility across warehouse operations in Europe and Asia.
  • Ability to deliver goods to customers from regional warehouses.
  • Increase customer satisfaction levels from improved order fulfillment.

We still operate like an agile start-up company – we don’t have an in-house IT department, we contract outside. SAP Business One Cloud enables humangear to keep this model and not incur large in-house IT resource costs.

Jordan Hurder, Head Operations and Sales - humangear

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