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  • Company has outgrown their existing QuickBooks accounting software
  • Sales, marketing, operations and HR forecasts were kept in separate Excel spreadsheets
  • Lack of real-time, 360-degree view of their entire operation in one system
  • Absence of visibility and opportunistic insights that could aid in strategic decision-making and planning

Why SAP Business One

  • Unified ERP system that brings all their forecasting from sales, marketing, financials, operations to HR under one platform
  • Scalable ERP foundation that supports their entire business operations
  • Extensive analytics tools that track profitability of each restoration job or project based on headcount, utilization time and non-productive hours


  • Increased insights into individual restoration jobs or projects ultimately improve productivity and business efficiency
  • Ability to manage all aspects of their business operations through one single system
  • System supports long-term growth as the number of bookings and projects increases

SAP brought to us a fully integrated approach where everything is on one platform. In addition, we now have the data to support how we would ramp up that growth thanks to SAP Business One

Mike Hylla, Owner - Environmental Management Alternatives, Inc (EMA)

 Success Story
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