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  • Existing accounting solution, Quickbooks, was difficult to adapt to growing business needs. 
  • Paper-based processes required a great deal of manual and duplicated data entry. 
  • Limited visibility throughout the organization.

Why SAP Business One

  • It's supported by a large ecosystem of SAP certified, third-party industry solutions 
  • A single integrated system that supports all key business areas. 
  • Allows access to real-time information and reporting instead of manual reporting.


  • The company has grown over 500% since implementing SAP Business One with a 200% increase in employees. 
  • Data-driven business that allows management to make decisions anytime, anywhere. 
  • Business process optimization results in streamlined operations for more profitability.

SAP Business One has out-of-the-box, best in class small business process requiring very little customization and low total cost of ownership with high availability. Since implementing SAP Business One, we’ve seen over 500% growth and 200% increase in employees. To top it all, we are now a data-driven business.

Glen Kinney, Owner - Corrpac

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