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  • Lack of enterprise integration between business applications. 
  • Inefficient process for PO creation through to product fulfillment. 
  • Accounting software unable to keep up with 40% year-over-year growth. 

Why SAP Business One and Vision33 Saltbox

  • An integrated business management solution that simplifies IT. 
  • A single view of the business that helps you stay in control. 
  • Saltbox designed to integrate enterprise data and apps with SAP Business One. 


  • System flexibility meets requirements for part numbering. 
  • Feed CAD data into SAP Business One for quicker quotes. 
  • CRM integration for increased customer satisfaction. 

Customers will enter a product code, and the Saltbox integration makes it possible to translate that code into part numbers. An instant BOM gets created...and voila! Out comes a quote based on the codes.

Scott Livingston, Director of IT - Connectrac

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