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  • Accounting and purchasing applications had reached end-of-life 
  • Needed to quickly upgrade eight applications 
  • Needed to speed up invoice processing and monitoring to handle 200 invoices per day 

Why Vision33 iDocuments

  • Features a powerful workflow engine that auto-routes documents for review and authorization 
  • Highly intuitive and geared to users of all experience levels 
  • Easy integration with enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions 
  • Rapid implementation met the deadline to remain in compliance with corporate reporting requirements 


  • Dramatic reduction in manual effort 
  • Faster invoice processing  
  • Faster payments improved supplier relations 
  • Extra time for AP team to focus on strategic tasks  

What used to take half a minute per scan now happens in just milliseconds. Apply that time savings to a couple hundred invoices in a day, and you’ve got some serious productivity gain

Michael Gasson, Project Manager - Cabot Financial

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