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  • Distribution was too widespread: Independent and national retailers in the UK and hobby and independent stores across Europe 
  • Being the “glue” between publishers and retailers 

Why SAP Business One and Vision33 Saltbox

  • Agility and flexibility to meet supplier and customer needs 
  • Complete visibility into the supply chain  
  • Easy-to-use enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution 


  • Integrated financials, order processing, and purchase order processing 
  • Flexibility to add solutions, including Boyum Usability Package and Boyum Print and Delivery 
  • Simple eCommerce integration via Vision33’s The Saltbox Platform 

Vision33 has been a very strong partner. Their global presence means they can meet my support hours and requirements, and they provide the SAP Business One expertise I need to run a successful business.

James Greenman, IT Director - Asmodee

 Success Story
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