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  • Poorly managed monthly AP invoices 
  • Email and paper-based processes caused lost invoices  
  • Unorganized approval process 
  • Manual data entry into SAP Business One 
  • Difficulty managing expense reporting and POs 

Why SAP Business One and Vision33 iDocuments

  • Easily integrates with SAP Business One 
  • Automated expense reporting and management 
  • Automated procure-to-pay workflows, including full PO management  
  • Seamless invoice payment process  


  • Eliminated manual data entry 
  • Priority invoices are paid faster 
  • Dramatically reduced order errors 
  • Expense reports are submitted on time with 100% accuracy 
  • Better relationships with suppliers 
  • Increased employee morale 

iDocuments has definitely sped things up, and our AP person no longer wastes time on processes that are now fully automated.

Clay Waggoner, Controller - American Plant Food

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