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  • The legacy system couldn’t efficiently handle account, warehouse, and store oversight 
  • No unified system to support growth 
  • Wanted to expand operations and open a new branch in Europe 

Why SAP Business ByDesign

  • Robust, integrated, cloud-based ERP solution that offers anytime, anywhere, any device access 
  • Strong batch control functionality  
  • Scalable and flexible to support future growth


  • Time and cost savings from improved efficiency and a user-friendly interface 
  • Automated processes allow more time for innovation  
  • Significant increase in export sales

We really feel we are lucky that we have chosen to adapt SAP Business ByDesign. It's based on Cloud... I can access the bank statements and be posting all of the transactions in the bank from whereever I am.  And it is a really user friendly system that can be understood by everybody in the business.

Ali Ali, Co-Founder - AFAK Trading Ltd.

 Success Story
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