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SAP Business One ERP Software Customer Success from Advance Adapters


Advance Adapters

Auto Parts & Supplies Manufacturer

Paso Robles, California

Number of Employees:
12 employees



  • Previous Unix-based system did not have user-friendly interface
  • Legacy system made accessing real-time information slow and cumbersome
  • Need for customizable solution that could be mapped to existing business processes as well as future needs
  • Difficult to access customer account information


  • Scalable solution to support growth today and in the future without the need for constant upgrades
  • Easy to use interface and report dashboard for personalized user experience
  • Extensible solution with large ecosystem of industry-specific features to maximize investment


  • Local partner, Vision33, offers personal approach to customer relationships for greater ERP support services
  • Supports continued business growth by streamlining warehouse and inventory management of new product SKUs (stock keeping units)
  • Enables even greater customer service by providing self-service tools to access account information
  • Adaptable solution has the ability to be configured to meet operational challenges, or business trends

Vision33 consultants are very hands-on. For a business of our size with complex manufacturing operations, you need good support for an ERP system. I would rank Vision33’s support program as one of the best I’ve seen.

Stephen Beresford

Strategic Marketing Manager

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