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Rapid advances in medical technology are providing innovative companies with opportunities to bring new products to market and companies with established products to evolve. However, the process of testing, proving, and certifying products is heavily regulated; an ERP solution that supports this process with established controls around manufacturing and supply chain management (SCM) can accelerate the time to market and get products out ahead of the competition.

Whether it’s getting products licensed for sale, creating a strong international presence, making your company an attractive acquisition opportunity, or complying with the FDA and other regulatory authorities, you can count on SAP Business One to help you achieve your business goals and stay ahead of the competition.

SAP Business One for medical device companies is a comprehensive ERP software solution that's been tailored to the industry-specific needs and regulatory requirements of medical device manufacturers and distributors.

With SAP Business One, medical device manufacturers and distributors can take control of their business, streamline their manufacturing and supply chain operations, and allocate resources efficiently as the company grows.

Features of SAP Business One for Medical Device Companies

Improve your regulatory compliance, production, inventory control, and global distribution capabilities using a trusted application built for growing medical device companies.

Regulatory compliance

SAP Business One provides end-to-end control of your manufacturing and supply chain to ensure adherence to strict industry regulations, including FDA regulations.

Project planning and management

Sophisticated project tools support your new product introduction, including cost and production control for prototyping, testing, and approval processes for customers or clinical trials.

Material requirements planning (MRP)

Ensures production is planned efficiently to meet customer deadlines and components from approved suppliers are ordered and delivered on time.

Inventory and warehouse controls

Manage inventory in multiple locations to meet customer demands efficiently and effectively. Monitor costs using FIFO, actual by lot/serial, moving average, or standard costing.

Automated workflows

Set up best practice business scenarios and automate administrative processes to save time and money and concentrate resources where needed.

Integration capability

Integrate with CAD and PLM machines and devices, nesting solutions, and more.

Return material authorizations

Manage repair and replacement of warranty-controlled parts and products, control and monitor warranty costs, and view up-to-date statuses on incoming units, repair orders, and replacement shipments.

Full end-to-end traceability

Support for multi-level serial and lot traceability of components provides complete visibility and proof of compliance with approved designs, suppliers, and production methods.

Production control

Once a product is approved for production, use SAP Business One to create and maintain multi-level bills of materials containing items, resources (capacity), and text (instructions).

Variant management

Efficiently manage product characteristics, locations, and variants to serve local and global markets with differing requirements for similar products and meet appropriate regulations.

Real-time and pervasive analytics

Use one of hundreds of standard reports or create custom dashboards with queries, reports, and analytics. Extrapolate historical data to forecast trends and make informed business decisions.

Quality control

Fully embedded quality control within all steps of the production process and supply chain ensure potential quality control issues are detected in real time for correction. A complete audit of testing is kept and immediately available for any product.

Customer and service management

Anticipate customer demands and have products available for delivery when orders are received. Coordinate and manage after-care support and services more efficiently.

Recall management

Automate and document the recall process, trace back to original lots/batches, conduct recalls with information at hand, and conduct mock recalls to improve efficiency.

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"With SAP Business One an order is made through our web site, we have achieved order turnaround in about 14 minutes; that’s real value for our customers."

Mark Smith, Co-Founder and President, Envelopments

“Implementing SAP Business One has helped us bring together finance, supply chain, logistics and warehouse management under one platform and it has really transformed the way we do and run our business.”

Bill Francis - Director of Information Technology, Avinger, Inc.

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"Using SAP Business One we are now able to promptly get information to our customers that we weren’t able to get before – creating customer loyalty."

Ted Wiebe, Controller, GFR Pharma Ltd.

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