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Are You Ready for Saltbox?

The need for a flexible integration strategy is evident when changes to your tech stack disrupt your business or integrations become costly and cumbersome to manage.

The Saltbox Platform is the only solution that can seamlessly integrate your entire tech stack while eradicating a complex web of decentralized point-to-point integrations.

Saltbox’s powerful data synchronization and automated workflows eliminate manual data entry and automate core processes, driving unprecedented levels of operational efficiency and accelerating the ROI of your tech investments.

Born in the cloud, Saltbox flexes, scales, and evolves with your business, giving you time to innovate.

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5 Reasons Leading Companies Choose Saltbox

  1. Focused on business outcomes – Each project is evaluated to ensure maximum ROI.
  2. Accelerated time to value – A fast deployment drives immediate cost savings and operational efficiencies.
  3. Unrivaled expertise – Leverage Vision33’s 20+ years of experience in deploying and integrating business systems for growing and mid-market companies for a more efficient implementation.
  4. Improved customer loyalty – Automation streamlines the customer experience, making it easy to do business with you.
  5. Improved operational efficiency – Automated workflows replace tedious manual processes, giving teams more time for innovation and strategic initiatives.

What Does Saltbox Do?

Saltbox is an enterprise-class, low-code integration platform as a service (iPaaS) solution that empowers companies to:

Integrate any application, data set, or business process

Automate any manual process or workflow

Spot, diagnose, and resolve failed transactions and workflows

Synchronize data between systems

  • Legacy and proprietary apps
  • Cloud and on-premises
  • Apps with modern APIs
  • Databases
  • Data upload
  • Order entry
  • Inventory search
  • Approval workflows
  • Operational dashboard
  • Proactive monitoring
  • Version control
  • Alerting
  • Error tracing
  • Eliminate duplicate data sets
  • Improve accuracy

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Strategic Benefits

Boost the ROI of your tech stack

Accelerate automation efforts and extend the functionality of existing systems

Eradicate expensive errors

Replace manual processes and data entry with automated work flows

Reduce integration costs

Consolidate integration tools on a single platform

Free up time to innovate

Boost productivity and free up IT staff

Key Features

Low code

Map fields and design work flows with drag-and-drop ease


Dynamically adjusts with transaction volume


Integrate with and build actions, functions, and triggers for any endpoint

Error tracing

Spot, diagnose, and resolve failed transactions and work flows

Dashboards and alerts

Get instant visibility into work flow statuses and transaction volumes

Version control

Easily track and revert work flow changes


Let's Meet Your Challenge Together

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