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Sage Intacct: The #1 Cloud Financial System for Financial Services Firms

Sage Intacct is a powerful, born-in-the-cloud financial management platform that integrates with other best-of-breed solutions and makes it easy to share data. With its modern user interface, Intacct is a flexible, customizable accounting software solution that unlocks growth for your business through advanced core financials and focused industry features.

Sage Intacct offers unmatched multi-entity management and advanced financial reporting for financial services firms. Intacct powers thousands of financial services businesses, including:

  • Single-family office wealth and asset management
  • Multi-family office wealth and asset management
  • Real estate companies and investment trusts
  • Venture capital firms
  • Private equity firms
  • Lending institutions
  • Insurance carriers
  • Credit unions
  • Fintech

Businesses worldwide use Sage Intacct to manage more than $1.3 trillion in assets under management (AUM). With its data integrated across entities, Intacct’s unparalleled accounting software is ranked #1 in customer satisfaction by independent user reviews.





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When your business revolves around maximizing growth and profitability while minimizing costs and risks, your financial management tools significantly affect your bottom line. Sage Intacct provides integrated financial and management reports across holding and operating companies in minutes, not hours, has the connectivity, visibility, and efficiency to drive optimal performance and do more with less.  It offers detailed, real-time insights that empower you to make better decisions and enable strategic growth.

With best-in-class continuous consolidation and drill down across multiple funds, Intacct significantly reduces your rollup times so you can focus on strategy instead of admin. Quickly generating consolidated reports, sharing cross-entity data, and keeping your financials audit-ready (e.g., with comments tracked in your accounting system versus email chains) gives you unprecedented depth and visibility into your finances to maximize business growth.

Sage Intacct frees up resources for value-add activities by automating and streamlining processes like:

  • Procurement
  • Month-end close
  • Consolidations
  • Allocations
  • Fund management
  • Compliance reporting



Four Critical Challenges for Financial Services Firms

Your accounting software should provide a complete picture of your business. However, getting that picture is challenging when you use other solutions, such as a CRM system. You need the ability to choose the best-in-class applications that fit your business and seamlessly integrate them with your ERP.

For informed decisions, your financial management system must offer real-time data, visibility, and insights so decision-makers can get fast answers to critical questions. Your financial reporting needs are constantly evolving, and stakeholders want different metrics at different times. As your business changes, so will the metrics and insights that matter for growth.

Knowing what to improve and where to invest requires agile, flexible software that can quickly slice and dice data, dive deep into custom reports or dashboards, and seamlessly connect information from across your business.

Without the automation or integration power of an ERP, generic accounting software offers limited access to built-in financial insights and makes financial management and reporting a painful experience. You must constantly import, export, and manipulate data. Your desktop is littered with disorganized Excel files. You dread questions because although you know how important the answers are, you also know how tedious finding them will be. Without the right software, it’s difficult to integrate with your other business applications or streamline critical processes.

Time is a critical resource for financial services organizations, and a more efficient financial management platform means you can focus on growing the business, not endless spreadsheets.

With traditional accounting systems, access to business insights is determined by hard-coded individual accounts. To track new dimensional values (e.g., location, department, project, and client), you must create new accounts, which is time-consuming and inflexible. Your software should allow you to easily add and change dimensions to give your data context.

You need to analyze real-time performance from every angle without managing a complex chart of accounts. It’s a significant advantage for financial services firms to have a financial platform that facilitates reporting by user-defined dimensions instead of general ledger (GL). Your accounting software should enable you to compare and monitor performance according to any value and report on performance from new angles as your business, customers, and the markets evolve.

If you need to add dimensional information to your operational data, budgets, or other transactions, your accounting solution must make it easy to add, change, and track business drivers for fast answers to critical questions.

Basic accounting software can’t manage finances for multiple entities. When you have separate software for each entity (e.g., regions, countries, industry segments, and global currencies), consolidation becomes more manual, time-intensive, and error-prone as your business gets more complex. It’s not effective or scalable, creating a ceiling on your growth.

Managing your finances with multiple QuickBooks or FreshBooks accounts, spreadsheets, and manual effort is unsustainable. Your financial platform should automate tasks like currency conversion, inter-entity transactions, and local tax reporting so your finance team can close the books faster every month. The right software delivers continuous consolidation, providing access to real-time business data and the power to drill down to a single entity or transaction, then seamlessly click back to your consolidated view.

Without a solution designed for multi-entity financial services companies, the challenges of multi-entity financial management and global consolidations will hamper your growth. But with a platform that meets your needs, you can shrink your monthly close time by 40-80%.

The Benefits of Sage Intacct for Financial Services Firms

Sage Intacct specializes in cloud-based financial management with workflow automation, multi-entity management, and native third-party integrations designed to meet financial organizations’ needs. Regardless of industry, Intacct’s born-in-the-cloud accounting software ensures profitable operations and improved customer satisfaction for thousands of companies, including firms that specialize in:

  • Wealth and asset management
  • Real estate
  • Venture capital
  • Private equity
  • Insurance
  • Lending
  • Fintech

Combining smooth operational workflows with greater financial visibility, Sage Intacct connects your asset management on a single, efficient platform that maximizes productivity and scales with your business.

With this true cloud platform, growing financial services firms can:

Automate consolidations: Shave days or weeks off your monthly close time with multi-entity management. Never wait for month-end to get up-to-date, consolidated business information.

Adapt faster: Get fast answers to crucial business questions and respond to changing market demands with agility. Reports that took months to complete are now available in minutes.

Maximize profits: Use dimensional accounting to track and filter metrics. Slice and dice data to identify profitability for multiple dimensions (e.g., project, department, client, and service type). Operate more efficiently and stay focused on the value-add priorities that drive growth.

Streamline operations: Eliminate manual accounting tasks with automated workflows, real-time dashboards, and focused financial services industry functionality.

Optimize resources: Get instant visibility into KPIs and other metrics. Use improved insights and real-time dashboard reporting to make strategic decisions.

Centralize data across business apps: Seamlessly connect your CRM, industry tools, or other business applications to your Intacct platform for a single, integrated system.

Features of Sage Intacct for Financial Services Firms

Sage Intacct offers industry-leading core financials, user-friendly reporting and dashboards, and advanced functionality tailor-made for financial services firms. Intacct’s cloud-based platform revolves around a high-powered general ledger with dimension-level tracking for all your transactions, giving you expanded reporting powers while simultaneously shrinking your total number of GL accounts.

By automating tasks related to investments, capital, and claims reporting while delivering real-time visibility into metrics, Sage Intacct empowers your finance team to do more strategizing and less paperwork.

Sage Intacct’s features include:

Powerful core financials

Intacct is an industry-leading platform for streamlining and automating core financials, including accounts payable, accounts receivable, cash management, and general ledger.

Real-time dashboards and reporting

Sage Intacct's innovative general ledger includes 10 pre-defined dimensions to capture the context of your data. User-defined dimensions are easy to add, so you can quickly access or create reports analyzing real-time business performance without managing a complex chart of accounts.

Multi-entity and global consolidations

Consolidate hundreds of entities in minutes. Close your books faster by automating financial consolidation accounting activities, including currency conversions, inter-entity transactions, and local tax reporting. View interim summary figures with financial statements that are ready whenever you are.


Dimensions creates a flexible foundation that offers a new way to track and report on financial and operational data while simplifying your chart of accounts. Integrated directly into Sage Intacct’s easy-to-use financial report writer, Dimensions improves your reporting and enables fast answers to business questions.

Dynamic allocations

Use automated allocations to understand your organization’s true performance and gain more time for oversight, analysis, and strategy. Get a rock-solid audit trail with Sage Intacct’s built-in transparency.

Time and expense management

Reduce revenue leakage and make better decisions with real-time visibility into your time and expense data.

Contract and subscription billing

Customize pricing and billing schedules, reduce manual billing costs, save time through integration with other business tools, and gain flexibility to adapt your billing structure.

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