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A Financial System for Professional Services Organizations

Vision33 offers a number of powerful financial management systems. All the platforms integrate with other best-of-breed solutions and make it easy to share data. 

With a modern user interface, flexibility, customization options, advanced core financials, and focused industry features, our software and service offerings unlock growth for your business.

The right financial management solution offers unmatched project accounting and revenue recognition for professional services organizations (PSOs), even across multiple entities. The software we represent powers thousands of service-based businesses, including:

  • HR, staffing, and employment services
  • IT services and consulting
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Management consulting
  • BioTech/R&D
  • Legal services
  • Accounting and finance
  • Engineering and architecture
  • Specialized services

Accounting Challenges

When your business revolves around project-based billing and services, your financial management tools significantly affect your bottom line. The right financial management solution streamlines project accounting while delivering detailed insights (e.g., real-time budget versus actual) to help project managers make critical decisions. A modern platform and open APIs give project-based businesses connectivity, visibility, and efficiency to drive optimal project performance and enable strategic growth.

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By combining data from across the project lifecycle, you gain unprecedented depth and visibility into your finances, and professional services organizations can achieve up to 20% improvement in project profitability.

The right professional services financial management solution offers seamless accounting by integrating critical functions, including:

  • Time and expenses
  • Project management
  • Costing and billing
  • Accounting and financial reporting
  • Data from third-party apps (e.g., CRM or payroll tools)


The Benefits of Financial Management Solution for Professional Services Organizations (PSOs)

The right solution specializes in project-based financial management with workflow automation and native third-party integrations designed to meet PSOs’ needs.


Centralize data across business apps. Seamlessly connect your CRM, industry tools, or other business applications to your platform for a single, integrated system.

Track project finances. Break budgets down by project, phase, task, resource, or any dimension you want. Compare actual project budget to planned budget and monitor your real-time progress and financials.

Optimize resources. Get instant visibility into KPIs, project status, and revenue. Use improved insights and real-time dashboard reporting to make strategic decisions about allocating time and resources.

Adapt faster. Get fast answers to crucial business questions and respond to changing market demands. Reports that took months to complete are now available in minutes.

Streamline operations. Accelerate invoicing by eliminating manual accounting tasks. Customize invoices according to client needs.

Automate consolidations. Shave days or weeks off your monthly close time with multi-entity management. Never wait for month-end to get up-to-date, consolidated business information.

Maximize profits. Use unique approaches to project and customer accounting to track and filter metrics. Slice and dice data to identify profitability for multiple dimensions (e.g., project, department, client, and service type). Operate more efficiently and stay focused on the value-add priorities that drive growth.


Key Features of a Financial Management Solution for Professional Services Organizations (PSOs)

The right solution offers industry-leading core financials, user-friendly reporting and dashboards, and advanced functionality tailor-made for professional services businesses. By automating project costing, vendor management, accounts payable, project billing, time and expense tracking, and resource management tasks, your finance team will be empowered to do more strategizing and less paperwork.

Features include:

  1. Powerful core financials
  2. Real-time dashboards and reporting
  3. Project accounting
  4. Project costing and billing
  5. Contract and subscription billing
  6. Time and expense management
  7. Multi-entity and global consolidations
  8. Dynamic allocations

Take the Next Step

Take the next step by exploring our product information gallery full of brochures, videos, and more to learn about the different ERP systems Vision33 offers.

You can also browse our success stories to see what our customers have to say about how ERP has helped them run simple, grow fast, and drive profit.

Then let’s discuss your professional services organization’s growth challenges and which ERP system will help you reach the next milestone in your mission. Vision33 provides the right balance of software and consulting to maximize professional services organizations’ investment in transformative enterprise technologies. Contact us to chat with a certified Vision33 consultant about your financial management needs.