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Integrate Existing Applications with SAP Business One
The opportunities to extend your business to the web are limitless with Integration Solutions – and can grow with your business. From inventory portals to integration with eCommerce sites to connecting with a legacy system or providing a Web interface for functionality inside SAP Business One, if you have an idea, our team is ready to discuss how we can make that happen.

With Vision33 Integration Solutions including InterConnect, you can query any data from SAP Business One, synchronize A/R transactions, display service related data, do expense tracking and so much more.

All of this is made possible through an application programming interface (API) that allows data to talk to each other. Your technical people will love this tool and all it can do for your business. If you don’t have technical staff, our team is here to take your vision and bring it to life leveraging your SAP Business One system. 


Interconnect makes it easier to exchange data between systems and streamline business processes

About InterConnect

InterConnect makes it easier to exchange data and streamline business processes. Whether you have a custom order system, or your customers are placing product orders online through a third party Magento store, InterConnect allows you to push and pull information in real-time between any system and SAP Business One.  

With InterConnect you to keep the systems in place that you know work for your business and provide value to your business partners. Discover all the benefits of SAP Business One by opening the flow of information between systems with InterConnect.

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Flexible and Scaleable Technology

Customer requests can be formal SOAP based Web Services or more simplified REST based XML.

Integrated Service Add-On

Contains an inbound/outbound database that allows for manual intervention, if required and the ability to push outbound data to the Web application.

Data Security

All information is retrieved from the SAP Business One database and no financial information is stored on the application server.

Seamless Communication

Supports both real time and asynchronous communications with the SAP Business One database system.


  • Seamless integration of business processes
  • Unparalleled connectivity with any system or solution  
  • Complete synchronization of data between SAP Business One and your solution  
  • A single view of data  
  • Reduced costs and errors with multiple systems and applications
  • Increased buy-in from employees and stakeholders for your SAP Business One system

Vision33’s team of certified consultants have worked with hundreds of SAP Business One customers worldwide to provide seamless integration between SAP Business One and new and/or existing applications. From custom expense systems to third party EDI applications and eCommerce sites – the SAP Business One integration opportunities are limited only to your imagination with InterConnect.

Learn about all the benefits of implementing Interconnect for your Business Processes
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