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This page provides information about Vision33's new cloud security features
and the multi-factor authentication (MFA) enrollment process.

About the New Security Features

In keeping with our commitment to deliver secure,  high-value ERP solutions, Vision33 is adding multi-factor authentication and password management to all cloud-hosted environments. Feature details are outlined below.

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What is Multi-factor authentication (MFA)?

Multi-factor authentication provides another layer of protection against unauthorized access to SAP Business One and your data. Here’s how it works. After entering a username and password, licensed users will be prompted to validate who they are (also known as authentication) using one of three methods – passcode provided via SMS text, phone call, or via an authentication app. Vision33 has chosen Cisco Duo to support this capability. 

What is Password Management?

Self-service password management provides a better user experience for our customers while enhancing security measures. The password management solution will: 

  • Establish a complex password policy (e.g. - 10 characters, one capital and lower-case letter, one number, and special characters).  
  • Enforce end-user compliance with the established policy 
  • Enable users to reset their password (self-service password reset) 
  • Automatically trigger password reset every 6 months (password expiry) 
  • Prohibit re-use of the last 24 passwords 
  • Lock users out for 30 minutes after 5 unsuccessful login attempts 

This functionality will be live following enrollment in MFA. 

No action is required.



About MFA Enrollment

Every SAP Business One user will be prompted to enroll in MFA the first time they login following their company's enrollment date. They will not be able to login to the system again until they do. Enrollment is fast and easy.

Download our step-by-step
enrollment guide.

The self-enrollment process should take 5-10 minutes.

Complete this form to access step-by-step instructions and troubleshooting FAQs to help you enroll. 

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Enrollment FAQs

You're getting an upgrade! 
Vision33 is adding two best-in-class security features to your SAP Business One cloud-hosting environment -- multi-factor authentication (MFA) and password management capabilities.

Why is this important?
The security of your business data is our highest priority so all client environments are being upgraded to adhere to our new security standard.

Who's impacted?
All SAP Business One cloud end users are impacted.

Is action required?
YES! Every end user must enroll in the multi-factor authentication app. It's easy. A link to access step-by-step instructions was provided in the email sent by Vision33. Alternatively, licensed users can download instructions via the form above.

Do I need to use a mobile device?
A mobile device is the most efficient and cost-effective way to secure your account data, however, alternative options are available for an additional cost. Contact your account manager for more information.

What does enrollment date / deadline mean?
The enrollment date is when Vision33 activates MFA within your account. End users will be prompted to enroll the first time they login. End users will not regain system access until MFA self-enrollment has been completed. 

When is the enrollment deadline?
The enrollment deadline was provided in Vision33's email notice. It is 14 calendar days from the date the email was sent.

What happens when the enrollment deadline hits?
End users will not be able to login to SAP Business One until they complete MFA self-enrollment.

Will access to SAP Business One be disrupted when the security features are activated?
No, access to SAP Business One will not be disrupted. 

How much will this cost?
These security upgrades will be implemented free of charge. Monthly subscription fees associated with your current, active contract will not change.

How do I configure MFA for the first time?
The step-by-step enrollment guide outlines the process. It can be accessed in the email sent by Vision33 or via the form above.

Can I use existing shortcuts to access and login to SAP Business One after I enroll in MFA?
No, end users will need to create new shortcuts to access SAP Business One. Instructions are provided in the enrollment guide.

How do I access SAP Business One after enrolling in MFA?
You will create new shortcuts to access SAP Business One after enrolling in MFA. Instructions are provided in the enrollment guide.

I need more help. Who should I contact?

  1. Review the troubleshooting FAQs above.
  2. To discuss your enrollment or to reschedule your enrollment date, contact your Vision33 account manager.
  3. For additional technical support, contact Vision33's TOTAL Care team at

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