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Ready to migrate?

Cloud solutions for SAP Business One are high-performing cloud ERP solutions that deliver the same capabilities and features as their on-premises versions—they just run in the cloud instead of on your network.

Migrating from an on-premises SAP Business One deployment to the cloud may seem daunting.

But the benefits far outweigh the challenges.


Why migrate to a cloud-hosted solution for SAP Business One?

From lower upfront implementation costs to quick time-to-value,
cloud implementations provide many advantages compared to on-premises deployments.

Lower total cost of ownership

Work with a single vendor to address every question or concern

Quick time-to-value

Up-to-date software

No on-premises maintenance

The Vision33 Advantage

Vision33 was the first SAP Business One partner to deploy SAP Business One in the cloud
and the first to earn the
AWS SAP Business One Competency badge

 250+ successful migrations

 Multi-disciplinary skill sets to tackle any migration scenario

 Segregated test environment catches problems before go-live

 30+ years of SAP Business One experience

 No hidden costs or complex à la carte price lists

 World-class security and managed services offering

Our migration process

Vision33 has migrated over 250 on-premises customers to the cloud. Most are live in 30-45 days, depending on project complexity, which is determined by the version of software you're migrating from, the version you're migrating to, and the add-ons you use. 

The process begins with creating a migration plan (blueprinting). The actual migration involves exporting data from SAP Business One into the new cloud version of SAP Business One, then testing. After testing is a two-week go-live period called Hypercare, where final issues are identified and resolved.






Let's Meet Your Challenge Together

Vision33 has been implementing and integrating business systems for growing and midsized companies for more than two decades. Our formal methodology, project governance, and experienced consultants ensure your project goes off without a hitch, allowing you to focus on running your business.

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