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Top 10 Signs you’re Outgrowing QuickBooks

Many businesses experience common pains when their company starts to grow. If you’re like the 87% of Vision33 customers that were struggling with QuickBooks & Simply Accounting and you’re starting to notice how much time is being lost trying to access business data, it might be time to consider moving to an integrated solution.

You have a billion spreadsheets open on your desktop

Closing the month is taking too much time and effort than it should

Information sits and stays in departmental silos

There's no easy way to predict financial outcomes for your stakeholders

Very few people actually understand your database and transaction processes

You've started taking screenshots of reports so they print correctly

Delayed orders are stressing you out

Turning your software on involves holding your breath and hoping it works

You have mandated employee breaks so the system doesn't get overloaded

Custom workarounds are a regular occurrence

Transform your business with SAP Business One

Did you know that 87% of Vision33 customers move from accounting software packages such as QuickBooks or Simply Accounting to an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution?

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Discover How SAP Business One Works for Accounting:

As an integrated solution that helps all departments manage their work across the entire organization, SAP Business One helps to simplify processes, improve data integrity and increase efficiency for virtually every member of your team. Watch our videos to see how SAP Business One solves specific business challenges based on your role in the company.

Meet Jane The Accountant

Accountants and financial controllers for growing businesses are often responsible for financial decisions that help your organization thrive and grow. This video is an example of the challenges that many accountants or financial controllers deal with on a day-to-day basis. Watch how SAP Business One enables you to make better financial decisions while managing core accounting processes company-wide.

Why move from QuickBooks to SAP Business One?

Basic accounting software can be helpful when you first start out, but it’s easily outgrown. Staff can’t keep up with transactions while different departments are using different systems to store data. When you want to know the current status on something, the information often doesn’t match up! Moving to an integrated system unifies your departments and houses data in one centralized system that you can access from anywhere.

Easy Data Migration

Data migration is a critical part of the implementation process that we make seamless and effective. Our team of Certified Consultants make sure your data is transferred securely and inputted into SAP Business One so you can easily access information the way you want to see it.

Microsoft Integration

Easily connect data in real-time between SAP Business One and MS Excel, Word & Outlook. Easily copy n paste data. Sync calendars, contacts and tasks. Display, edit and send quotes as emails. The QuickBooks synchronization tool does not link to Outlook in real-time.

Audit Compliance

QuickBooks is not GAAP compliant - anyone can change the numbers any way they want without an audit trail. It leaves your business vulnerable to fraud. SAP Business One is GAAP compliant. This can help you to attain lower interest rates with banks and better credit lines with vendors.

Account Number Segmentation

Most CPAs expect segmentation for summary reporting and organizing your general ledger. You cannot segment account numbers with QuickBooks, while SAP Business One has up to 10 segments.

Operational Transparency

Access to information outside of your own department gives employees insight into how your division affects the overall success of the business and empowers them with the right information to do their job.

Automate Repetitive Tasks

Standardize and streamline processes so you can spend less time on administrative duties. Orders can then be processes more quickly and with less errors, while finance departments closes the books faster.

Pull the Right Reports

Dig deeper and increase operational visibility across your organization by running custom reports in real-time based on your department, location, role and objective.

Save Time and Money

Leverage real-time dashboards and reports to make more informed business decisions.

“Running SAP Business One, we’re better geared to serve our customers. It has integrated our entire company’s processes, systems and data, giving us greater insight into all aspects of our business - from our inventory to our customers’ demands.”

Hillel Sackstein
President of Virtual Graffiti, Inc

Companies that moved from QuickBooks to SAP Business One

The main reason some people are weary to change systems is only because of that – Change! But we know old ways won’t open new doors. Vision33 is the #1 Implementation partner of SAP Business One in the world. Lean on us to ease the transition with seamless data migration, training for you and your team and constant support when you need us.

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